900.000 Steps Forward, 1.4 Million Steps Back – $15 Minimum Wage Hike Would Be a Net-Negative

Democrats are pushing for a $15 minimum wage in the coronavirus relief bill, which the Congressional Budget Office says will help 900.000 Americans but cut 1.4 million jobs. Biden admits the proposal is unlikely to survive negotiations.


Included in President Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief proposal was a provision to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.


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  • Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas criticized the wage proposal, highlighted in Fox Business’ coverage, by saying “a government-imposed $15 minimum wage would put a boot on the neck of small businesses.”
  • The Wall Street Journal analyzed the numbers the CBO reported, and noted that the budgetary impact is mostly due to increased prices contributing to increased federal spending, but that unemployment and health-care program spending would increase as a result of job loss.
  • Newsmax’s report quoted Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who “took issue with the CBO report”, saying it was difficult to understand the deficit increase expectation given a completely different finding to a similar proposal last Congress.


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