Denied! Biden Deportation “Pause” Stymied by Federal Court

Just like his predecessor, President Biden is facing stiff resistance to his agenda in court as his attempt to not enforce immigration law is halted. Is this just the first of many lawsuits in the Biden era?


Just one week into his tenure, President Joe Biden’s attempt to not enforce deportation laws was blocked by a federal judge in Texas.

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  • RedState blasted the original executive order, saying it gave people looking to enter the country illegally “the message that the doors are open.”
  • The ruling was an “early setback” to the Biden’s efforts to get rid of Trump’s immigration policies according to the New York Post.
  • The Wall Street Journal emphasized the ruling was based on agreements the Department of Homeland Security signed recently with several states that required the department to “consult” states before any immigration policy changes are enacted.


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