The Latest on Coronavirus Vaccines

Pfizer’s two-shot, Moderna’s one-shot coronavirus vaccines have reached more than a million Americans so far. Everyone from political pundits to economists to doctors have an opinion on the long-term effects.


Right before Christmas, the Centers for Disease Control reported a million Americans have now received a coronavirus vaccine with nearly 10 million doses having been shipped.


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  • A written symposium in The New York Times frequently emphasizes the racial disparity of the coronavirus’ impact, citing Latino and Black communities whose average age of death is considerably lower than white Americans.
  • The Atlantic published an emergency room doctor who argues that even with the vaccine distribution beginning, there are still more new coronavirus cases than there are those getting the vaccine.
  • Business Insider reported on an interview Dr. Anthony Fauci gave, citing a range of numbers the official gave that would create “herd immunity”, and that he insists you cannot mandate vaccination for the general public.
  • Vox used their typical “explainer” style to back up the FDA’s recommendation to vaccinate front-line health workers firstrather than elderly Americans, and paint critics of that recommendation as “political commentators” who “have no understanding of the topics they’re opining on.” 



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