Eric Adams Sworn in as Mayor of a New York City in Crisis

Adams assumes office in a city beset by high unemployment, a massive wave of COVID-19 infections and violent crime. Can he take New York in a new direction?


Former police captain and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was sworn in as New York City’s new mayor on Saturday. Taking over from unpopular left-wing Mayor Bill de Blasio, Adams vowed to take on the city’s crime, unemployment, and coronavirus crises.


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  • New York magazine praised Eric Adams’ “big beaming debut,” contrasting his flamboyant Times Square swearing-in with his predecessor Bill de Blasio, who slinked out of office a day early.
  • Anti-Trump news site The Bulwark asked if Adams, a former Republican ran as a working-class candidate explicitly against white progressives, could be a national model for moderate Democrats.
  • The Nation called Adams “the mayor nobody knows,” citing his contradictory statements, shape-shifting political persona and support across the political spectrum, and compared his capacity to surprise to another New York pol: Donald Trump.



Author’s Take

New York has never had a mayor quite like Eric Adams. NYC’s second black mayor is a teenaged victim of police brutality turned 22-year police veteran. He’s a former Republican turned moderate Democrat. He’s weathered corruption allegations. He reversed a diabetes diagnosis after going vegan. He may not actually live in NYC. Adams wants his first three paychecks to be paid in Bitcoin. The new mayor celebrated his swearing-in by going clubbing.

It’s going to be an interesting 4 years.

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