College Football Playoff Set, Bama, Clemson, OSU, Notre Dame to Battle for Championship

The College Football Playoff selected the four teams to compete for the National Championship. Was anyone surprised?


The College Football Playoff Committee’s Selection Sunday unveiled the four teams included in this season’s playoff: powerhouse programs Alabama topped the list, followed by Clemson at number two, Ohio State coming in third, and the slate rounded out with Notre Dame at number four.


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  • Rodger Sherman criticized the selections at The Ringer, saying a team’s loss effectively doesn’t matter anymore, “so long as that team is in the right conference”
  • ESPN’s Andrea Adelson slammed the committee for making their selections, criticizing them for moving a two-loss Oklahoma over undefeated Cincinnati.
  • Billy Witz slammed Ohio State in the New York Times, saying the program was given “valet service to reach the playoff” after the Big Ten season was curtailed, two games were canceled by opponents, and the Big Ten Conference amended its rules to allow Ohio State to play in the Big Ten Championship.



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