The Latest of Coronavirus Stimulus: Close but No Deal Yet

In typical Washington fashion, negotiations are producing a bipartisan agreement on coronavirus relief in the final hours before a government shutdown and the holiday break. Will it be in time for Americans still reeling from the pandemic?


Congress is inching towards a deal on another COVID-19 stimulus bill with a $900 billion price tag, which President-elect called “an important down payment” as he committed to further relief legislation next year.

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  • Fox Business joined more mainstream outlets in emphasizing the necessity in passing another round of relief as job growth has tapped the brakes and as many as 12 million Americans will be left without benefits on December 26th.
  • Wall Street Journal reported the U.S. stock market is expected to rise on the back of a stimulus deal announcement.
  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ vehement opposition to any negotiations with Republicans was highlighted by The Blaze.


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