Team Trump Files Last-Minute Legal Appeals as Election Deadlines Loom

President Trump’s contesting of election results in several key states continues to be an uphill battle as a little-known deadline called “safe harbor” approaches. What is “safe harbor?”


“Safe Harbor” Day has arrived, signaling President Trump’s narrowing of options in contesting state-level election results.


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  • CNN’s Elie Honig published a scathing opinion piece suggesting the “safe harbor” date should be a final signal for Joe Biden’s victory before the official Electoral College certification, while a separate CNN report suggests the Trump campaign will be winding down its legal efforts.
  • The Washington Post and New York Times reported on a phone call between President Trump and the speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in which Trump requested the legislature’s help in setting aside the election results and awarding Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to Trump.


  • Reporting by the Wall Street Journal implies the series of legal challenges to election results by conservative groups unaffiliated with the Trump campaign has helped spread a feeling of mistrust among conservative voters.
  • National Review’s Jim Geraghty writes about the safe harbor deadline and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s moving up a deadline for review of an appeal so the Court can avoid rulings after the safe harbor deadline.


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