Developments in Middle East: Iranian Scientist Killed, Saudi-Israel Talks

The death of a top Iranian nuclear scientist garnered fresh condemnations from Iran and Democratic politicians. As the Trump Administration winds down, will its successful yet unconventional approach to Middle East politics continue in the Biden Administration?


The purported head of Iran’s nuclear weapons program was killed in Tehran yesterday, sparking condemnation and vows of reprisal from the Iranian government.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • According to a former UK diplomat, Biden’s cabinet picks suggest a willingness to entertain more American intervention in the Middle East, particularly in persistant hotspots like Syria, a mindset the diplomat says renders a reset with Iran “dead in the water.”
  • In its reporting of Fakhrizadeh’s death, the New York Times framed the event as part of a string of developments, including pulling the US out of the JCPOA, as President Trump “isolating” the United States.
  • Left-of-center publication The Guardian leaned in on criticism of Israel, saying it is using the Trump-Biden interregnum as an opportunity to head off the possibility of a U.S.-Iran rapprochement.




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