Protests Erupt Across the Country As Result of Presidential Election Remains Unclear, Favors Biden

Demonstrators have gathered in swing states to protest the protracted ballot counting process. What happened and what does this mean?


Protesters and counter-protesters gathered across the country outside of polling centers in response to the long wait to announce an election winner.

  • In Detroit, pro-Trump protesters gathered downtown outside the TCF Center, chanting things like “Stop the Steal!” The protesters were met with counter-protesters yesterday afternoon. The clash was non-violent but police and bomb squads were dispatched to the area in case of an escalation.
  • In North Carolina, pro-Trump protesters gathered outside the state capital building in Raleigh, protesting Biden’s creeping lead in the presidential election.
  • In Phoenix, Arizona, demonstrators gathered to advocate for “Four More Years” of a Trump presidency.
  • In Philadelphia and New York City, Democratic demonstrators gathered, shouting “Count Every Vote!” Many of these demonstrates segued into celebrations as Biden took the lead.
  • Protests in downtown Los Angeles and Seattle organized by Labor Union and Advocacy groups drew massive crowds, encouraging pollsters to wait until every vote had been counted to call the election.
  • Demonstrators gathered outside of vote counting centers in several cities brought weapons. While they claim the purpose of the weapons is to keep the peace, some worry that it is an escalation of force.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Sympathizes with anti-Trump protesters. The New York Times writes that counting every vote is a key part of the democratic process.
  • Plays up the diametrically opposed ideas of both sides. Buzzfeed News calls the protests “tense,” and portrays the right-wing demonstrations as hostile.
  • Portrays the demonstrations as dangerous. USA Today reports on the perceived threats posed to state institutions and officials, while NBC shared the story of one demonstrator who was assaulted by police officers in New York City.



  • Portrays the protests as dangerous and violent, mostly thanks to anti-Trump demonstrators. New York Post reported on a left-wing demonstration in Minneapolis which led to the arrest of 600 people. The Blaze reports on incidents of violence at events in Oregon and Florida.
  • Praises right-wing protesters for exercising their rights. The Federalist and National Review remind readers that protesting outside voting centers is well within the rights of demonstrators and that they should continue to exercise that right, as leftists will do the same.
  • Reminds readers that protesters also have a right to carry weapons. Fox News reports that Arizona is a permit-less carry state, so demonstrators are right to bring weapons to the event in the interest of protection.


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