Mayfair Mall Shooting Suspect Apprehended

Who is the teenage shooter arrested outside of Milwaukee?


After a shooting injured 8 people in a shopping mall outside of Milwaukee on Friday, police have apprehended a suspect.

  • A shooter opened fire at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a Milwaukee suburb, on Friday, injuring 8 people.
  • Witnesses say that rapid shots were fired in quick succession on Friday, and that people around the mall received bullet injuries.
  • One of the people shot was a teenager. Witnesses expressed outrage, fear, and confusion.
  • Yesterday, police arrested a 15-year-old in connection with the shooting. Police say that they learned about the suspect through a tip and that they found the firearm he used in the child’s home.
  • Officers offered few details about the attack, other than saying that the shooting was “not random.”
  • The mall re-opened this weekend with heightened security measures after the suspect was apprehended.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Points out that the shooting was likely gang related. Bloomberg and Daily News both report that the shooting was the result of an “altercation between two groups.”
  • Frames the incident as a tragic result of the United States’ second amendment liberties. CNN reports that four of the injured parties were innocent bystanders and that the gun was likely obtained legally, and Daily Beast calls the entire incident “terrifying.”
  • Focuses on the shooter’s age. Newsweek writes that it is an utter tragedy that a 15-year-old was involved in such violence.



  • Similar to the left, reports that it is a tragedy for innocent people to be affected by such a violent incident, particularly involving a young person. The Washington Examiner emphasizes the shooter’s young age.
  • Plays up the sense of safety felt by citizens despite the shooting. Fox News reports that the mayor of Wauwatosa went back to the mall as soon as it opened.
  • Applauds the police response in Wauwatosa. New York Post and Daily Mail report that the suspect was arrested swiftly thanks to good police work.


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