Key States Continue to Count Ballots

When will we know the winner and why is it taking so long?


As presidential election projections flood in, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are still too close to call.

  • As of this morning, Joe Biden has an estimated 253 electoral votes and Donald Trump has 214.
  • Biden won Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes (less than 1%) and Michigan by nearly 3%. Both states voted for Trump in 2016.
  • Pennsylvania is still counting ballots. 91% have already been counted, with a Trump lead of nearly 200,000 votes. However, the majority of the uncounted ballots are from left-leaning urban areas of the state.
  • Trump has also taken an early lead in North Carolina, where 95% of ballots have been counted.
  • In Georgia, Trump is leading by less than half a percent. Although 96% of ballots have been counted, left-leaning urban areas still have the most outstanding ballots.
  • This morning, Nevada and Arizona have only counted 86% of votes. Although Biden has a lead in both states, it is not by a large margin.
  • According to NPR, Pennsylvania has until Friday to count its ballots. North Carolina has until 12 November, and Nevada and Georgia should have final tallies by tonight.
  • The delays are attributable to different election laws in different states. Pennsylvania and Nevada were not able to begin counting mail-in ballots until Tuesday morning.
  • President Trump has pushed back against Biden’s lead, insisting that the vote count delays are symptomatic of fraud.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Points out that ballots which arrive later tend to favor democrats, since democrats tend to reside in more urban areas. This means that these late-stage vote counts are likely to be good for Biden.
  • Highlights the hard work of poll workers and vote counters in key swing states. CNN reports on the huge numbers of mail-in ballots being dealt with in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin this week.
  • Blasts trump for promoting conspiracy theories in an effort to secure an election win. Washington Post writes that Trump pushing theories from QAnon and other right-wing groups that allege election fraud is dangerous to American democracy.



  • Explores state-by-state and county-by-county projections, explaining what is likely to occur and why it is likely to take longer than past years to reach a consensus.
  • Reminds readers that polls are unreliable and the media uses them to distort election projections. Fox News encourages Americans to let the results speak for themselves.
  • Reinforces theories that the election has been unfairly rigged. Daily Caller encourages Americans to stay tuned for Trump-sponsored lawsuits.


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