Pro-Trump Caravans Cause a Stir

Trump supporters have gotten in hot water this week for disruptive car caravans. What happened?


On Thursday, a group of vehicles gathered for a Trump rally surrounded and harassed a Biden campaign bus in Texas. Yesterday, A group of zealous Trump supporters caused a traffic jam on the New Jersey Turnpike.

  • On Thursday, a group of vehicles carrying Trump and MAGA flags surrounded a Biden campaign bus, boxing it in on the highway as it drove from San Antonio to Austin.
  • President Trump Tweeted a video of the incident with the caption, “I LOVE TEXAS!”
  • The Biden campaign cancelled its event in Austin, and the FBI said that it was investigating the debacle.
  • Yesterday, Trump rallies across New York and New Jersey yesterday were punctuated by a “Jews for Trump Caravan” of cars, which stopped on the freeway and caused a major traffic jam which eventually shut down the Cuomo Bridge.
  • New York Senator David Carlucci called the incidents “aggressive, dangerous, and reckless behavior by some Trump supporters.”
  • Trump said that both situations were a misunderstanding. He said that his supporters were trying to “protect” the Biden bus in Texas, and did not provide a statement on the New Jersey traffic jam.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Uses strong language to come down hard on Trump supporters. Mother Jones and The Guardian insist that the Trump supporters on Thursday intended to run Biden’s campaign bus off the road. Daily Beast and CNN portray the supporters as intentionally and stubbornly worked towards “clogging”  and “blocking” American freeways, potentially to prevent early voters from making it to the polls or to intimidate voters.
  • Decries President Trump’s response. New York Times says it is unacceptable that he did not defend the FBI’s decision to investigate his supporters after the incident in Texas.
  • States that the dangerous escalation of pro-Trump rallies across the country are not isolated incidents and will likely continue through Tuesday’s election.



  • Is generally sympathetic to Trump supporters, using much gentler language. Fox News reported that pro-Trump demonstrators were simply showing support for their candidate in Blue states. New York Post called the traffic jam a “snarl,” and Wall Street Journal called it a “slowdown.”
  • Downplays Thursday’s bus incident. The Blaze writes that the Trump supporters were “escorting” the campaign bus, and that the left blew the incident entirely out of proportion.
  • Frames both incidents as a positive sign of the strength of Trump’s support in the United States. Breitbart points out that Trump has created a movement with far-reaching influence, and these moments are demonstrations thereof.



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