Second Night of Violence, Protests in Philadelphia After Fatal Police Shooting

Philadelphia neighborhoods faced a second night of unrest in response to a fatal police shooting. An investigation is pending while the National Guard was called in to assist police.


A fatal police shooting in Philadelphia sparked protests, which turned into looting in some neighborhoods, for the second straight night.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Left-leaning Philadelphia Inquirer ran an editorial calling for the body camera footage of the officers involved to be released, arguing they did not use non-lethal methods of de-escalation first.
  • Vice similarly focused its reporting on the details of the incident on questions surrounding the police’s use of force, noting Wallace’s mother “begged” police to “de-escalate”.
  • In a detailed rundown of the incident and protests-turned-looting, Vox connected the events to next weeks’ election, which not only has national implications but also a local referendum on the reinstatement of a police oversight commission.




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