New Details in Hunter Biden Story: Questions Over Veracity, Coverage Persist.

Coverage of the Hunter Biden allegations show unique framing on the left and the right. What are they saying?

New developments in the Hunter Biden laptop story are being reported. Attention is now centered on the New York Post’s sourcing, media coverage of the revelations, and their impact on this week’s presidential debate.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi frames the current story as an intentional smokescreen by the President to hide behavior not dissimilar to the Biden allegations.
  • David Ignatius with the Washington Post characterized the entire incident, dating back to the days leading up to Hunter Biden joining the Burisma board, as not a scandal, but a personal tragedy that morphed into his responsibility for the family’s financial stability.
  • The Huffington Post and Daily Beast are leaning heavily on a letter signed by dozens of former intelligence officials, including former DNI James Clapper, all of whom insist the “smear campaign” of Hunter Biden is likely a “Russian information operation.”



  • The Federalist and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took aim at the media for what they say is an intentional reframing of the story to focus on the reporting of the story rather than the allegations themselves.
  • Rich Lowry writes in the New York Post lamenting the media’s lack of curiosity in getting a response from Joe Biden on the details of the story, calling journalists’ actions a “protection racket.”
  • Marc Thiessen, a former GOP speechwriter and current resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, warned the Trump campaign that focusing on the Hunter Biden allegations during the final debate will backfire on the President.


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