Questions Continue to Swirl about Trump’s Health

President Trump was released from Walter Reed yesterday evening. What happened?


After being treated for coronavirus, Trump returned to the White House last night. Both he and the White House staff insists that his condition is stable and improving, but concerns remain about his health and the political implications it could have.

  • Donald Trump returned to the White House from Walter Reed hospital today, where he was being treated for COVID-19.
  • Throughout his hospital stay, Trump has been outspoken about his recovery process, which has been smooth. He shared several messages on Twitter thanking his supporters and telling Americans not to let COVID-19 “dominate you“.
  • On Sunday night, he conducted a drive-by greeting to supporters waiting outside the hospital. Although Trump’s team insists that the excursion was OK’d by his medical team beforehand, he received backlash from many critics including an attending physician at Walter Reed hospital, who called the move “political theater.” These critics argue that the foray created unnecessary exposure for the President’s Secret Service team.
  • Last night, Trump was discharged from the hospital and returned to the White House to continue treatment for COVID-19 from home. His medical team says that he hasn’t had a fever in 72 hours and is well enough to be discharged, but refused to discuss the results of his lung scan citing privacy concerns.
  • More than a dozen White House officials have tested positive for the virus, potentially indicating a super spreader
  • Conspiracies from both sides of the aisle spread across social media throughout Trump’s hospital stay and subsequent discharge, including speculation that Trump’s diagnosis was a hoax for political reasons, or that he was intentionally infected with coronavirus for political reasons, or that he is much sicker than his medical team has let on and is faking his recovery for political reasons.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Argues that it is irresponsible for Trump to return to the White House, reminding readers that he is still contagious.
  • Criticizes Trump’s comments surrounding the virus, which seem to imply that only weak or lame people die of coronavirus.
  • Raises suspicion about Trump’s condition, highlighting testimony from doctors who say that he seems more unwell than he’s letting on.
  • Draws attention to Trump’s failure to contain the pandemic, which has now killed over 209,000 Americans.



  • Criticizes Democrats and left-wing media for framing Trump’s illness as a direct or deserved consequence of his actions, insinuating that they are hypocrites.
  • Accuses the left of pushing conspiracy theories about Trump’s health.
  • Defends Trump’s decision to return to the White House, reporting that he would not have done so unless it was safe.
  • Speculates that Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis could affect his re-election, and encourages voters to mobilize.


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