Donald Trump Accused of Sexual Assault

Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault. What happened?


In a tell-all to the Guardian, former model Amy Dorris said this morning that President Donald Trump sexually assaulted her at the US Open in 1997.

  • Trump’s lawyers have vehemently denied the claims, saying that the story must not be true because Dorris did not file a formal report with law enforcement, and she remained in the vicinity of Trump in the hours and days following the assault.
  • The allegations come on the heels of controversy after Bill Barr defended the DoJ’s intervention in another sexual assault allegation against Donald Trump.
  • Trump has been the object of multiple sexual assault violations prior to and throughout his presidency.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Emphasizes the graphic details of the alleged assault, and points out that Dorris begged him to stop but could not escape his grip.
  • Portrays Trump as guilty, keeping a running list of alleged assaults he has committed.
  • Notes that Trump “far outstrips Biden” in terms of sexual assault accusations.



  • Reports heavily on the Trump administration’s denial of the claims.
  • Portray Dorris as an unreliable source, pointing out that she is a former model and should have come forward sooner.
  • Generally displays less reporting on the story, downplaying its impact.


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