West Coast Wildfires Rage On

The West Coast is on fire. What’s happening?


More than 30 people have died in ongoing wildfires tearing through California, Oregon, and Washington.

  • The wildfires have devastated the region and displaced hundreds of thousands of area residents.
  • One of the fires in California was allegedly started by a smoke-generating device used for a gender reveal party.
  • Rumors flew last week that other fires in Oregon had been started by antifa activists; these rumors were proven to be false and Facebook pledged to remove content promoting the conspiracy as a result.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • Continues to speculate about arsonists being the source of the fires, and generally focuses on seeking blame for the devastation.
  • Highlights Trump’s response to the fires, which includes a trip to California to tour the destruction next week.
  • Undermines speculation that climate change contributed to the wildfires.


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