Unlike Uvalde, ‘Good Guy with a Gun’ Stops Indiana Mass Shooting

A new report criticized ‘systemic failures’ of the Uvalde police response to May’s elementary school shooting, while a mass shooter in Indiana was stopped by a “good guy with a gun.”


A new report criticizing ‘systemic failures’ of the Uvalde police response to May’s elementary school shooting was released Sunday. Also on Sunday, a mass shooter in Indiana was stopped by a “good guy with a gun.”

  • Texas legislators’ investigation of the Uvalde school shooting blamed poor leadership and “systemic failures” for the staggering death toll of 19 children and two teachers.
  • The report found that “law enforcement responders failed to adhere to their active shooter training, and they failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety.”
  • Nearly 400 law enforcement officials rushed to the school, but poor leadership – and to quote one Uvalde parent, “disgusting cowards” – prevented law enforcement from responding for over an hour before the gunman was finally killed.
  • The importance of an early and decisive action against a mass shooter was proved that same day in Greenwood, Indiana.
  • A gunman opened fire in a mall food court near Indianapolis, killing three people and injuring two others before he was stopped by a “Good Samaritan.”
  • A 22-year-old citizen lawfully carrying a firearm quickly intervened, shooting the killer shortly after he began and bringing his deadly rampage to a swift end.

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  • The New York Times noted the decision to intervene was ultimately made by “a small group of officers” and it could have been made far, far earlier, possibly saving lives.
  • CNN offered five takeaways from the Uvalde report, including blaming the shoddy response on “systemic failures” across all levels of government and a “breakdown in communication,” and new information on the shooter’s background.
  • The Washington Post took the time to contact the parent company of the mall and reported that the mall was technically a gun-free zone so the bystander who intervened should not have been armed. However, the mall praised the bystander and said they were “grateful for the strong response.”



  • The Wall Street Journal said there was no known motive yet in the Indiana mall shooting, but noted the gunman entered the mall with several extra magazines and would likely have continued his rampage if what the mayor called a “Good Samaritan” hadn’t intervened. 
  • National Review argued gun controllers are “missing the point” about the Indiana shooting. Gun controllers were quick to say conservatives were “missing the point,” but what should have happened next had the “good guy with the gun” not been there?
  • The Washington Examiner reported another attempted mass shooting was stopped by police over the weekend. Memphis, Tennessee police reacted quickly to a tip of a man in a mental health breakdown who threatened to shoot bystanders at FedEx Field. He was quickly taken into custody.


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