Disinformation Governance Board Implodes, Blames Collapse on ‘Disinformation’

The Biden Administration shut down its Disinformation Governance Board amid intense criticism fewer than three weeks after announcing it.


The Biden Administration shut down its Disinformation Governance Board amid intense criticism fewer than three weeks after announcing it.

  • The Department of Homeland Security announced a “pause” after its “disastrous rollout.”
  • The board’s leader, Nina Jankowicz, resigned after weeks of sustained criticism from across the political spectrum of the board’s purpose and leadership.
  • DHS insisted the board was “grossly and intentionally mischaracterized,” but even left leaning experts “had doubts about the appropriateness of a disinformation board operating out of DHS.”
  • The Biden administration leaked the news of the Board’s “pause” to firebrand Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz, author of the controversial “Libs of TikTok” expose, to soften the blow.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • The New York Times said the Board had become a “victim” of disinformation but noted the board’s “troubled rollout” made it “unlikely that it will resume operating in anything like its current form.”
  • CNN observed even DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas had to admit the Board’s criticism was brought on by its own rollout, not “harassment” or “disinformation” as Jankowicz and the Washington Post tried to claim.
  • The Nation profiled Nina Jankowicz, calling her past a prime example of the dangers of such an “Orwellian” government body. The Nation’s highly critical profile is proof the Washington Post’s contention that all criticism of Jankowicz was coordinated, far-right and unjustified – if not harassment and abuse – was laughably partisan and inaccurate.



  • Reason argued Jankowicz’s “faulty record” was the true cause of the Disinformation Board’s demise and torched the Washington Post’s “wildly one-sided account” as “an exercise in government PR.”
  • Fox News reported the White House sought to downplay the Board’s implosion. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted the board “never convened” and denied White House involvement in the “pause.”
  • National Review’s Charlie Cooke sarcastically “confessed” to “mocking and attacking” Nina Jankowicz in response to Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz’s story. Cooke “confessed” to  writing that Jankowicz’s collection of bizarre TikToks and “pornographic” Harry Potter parodies were “enough to test even the most committed civil libertarian in his opposition to casual waterboarding” and vowed to continue with the mockery “until the government cuts it out.”

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