Dreaming of a COVID Christmas: Lockdowns & Restrictions as Omicron Spreads

Concern over omicron has led to new lockdowns and travel restrictions. The NHL suspended their season through Sunday.


“Amid the rapid, global spread” of the (far less deadly) omicron variant, nations are implementing new travel restrictions, including Israel which is not allowing citizens to travel to the United States, Canada, and eight other countries.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • OAN reported on Biden’s Tuesday address, calling it “an attack on the unvaccinated” and quoting Sarah Isgur of The Dispatch saying Biden’s vaccine mandates are “starting to hurt him politically.” 
  • The Daily Caller focused on an interview the Chair of the South African Medical Association gave CNN in which she said they are “over the curve” and omicron is already receding in the country it was first detected. 
  • Breitbart highlighted a coronavirus outbreak on a cruise ship in Miami, reporting the ship’s vaccination rate was 95% upon sailing and 98% of those who have tested positive were vaccinated and “were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms”.

Author’s Take

*The fact that the “common sense” approach to keeping oneself safe is couched in a single sentence as a throwaway line indicates the bubble in which those writing the piece reside. Even with the alarmist threats over omicron’s spread, the country has largely moved on, with some admissions that a large swath of America never bothered with the maximalist lockdown measures in the first place.

It’s not that no one should take COVID-19 seriously. It’s that the public health industrial complex and their collaborators in the mainstream media continue to move the goal posts, shriek at the top of their lungs, and say the sky is falling at the faintest evidence of a new variant or waning vaccination efficacy. The media does it for ratings while the public health industrial complex is trying to hold on to the last vestiges of power they were given (for the first time in their existence) at the beginning of the pandemic.

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