International Climate Summit Ends with Agreement, Disagreements on Coal Use

The COP26 climate summit in Scotland produced an agreement on the goals of mitigating climate change. China and India objected to strong anti-coal language.


The COP26 climate summit in Scotland ended with a deal signed by participating countries that targeted fossil fuels “for the first time.”


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  • CNN criticized the deal for failing to “reflect the urgency” of the scientific community who called the climate crisis a “code red for humanity.”
  • Vox also said it didn’t measure up, saying it failed to be the “massive course correction” needed for the world and desired by climate activists.
  • Washington Post used the climate summit as an opportunity to swipe at the Trump administration which withdrew from the Paris Accords last year, saying American leadership is back at the forefront of climate politics.



Author’s Take

There are no penalties, no structure for how to achieve these goals. Just lofty words written by elites who came together to pat themselves on the back for agreeing with each other that something needs to be done.

One doesn’t have to be as vocal (or rabid) as activists like Thunberg, or even agree with them about the severity of the problem to see how utterly useless and pointless this summit was. In a few years, they’ll get together again, handwringing over meaningless phrases and the length of time for considering changes, and a document of equal value (i.e. none) will be produced. Yet, they’ll all continue to fly around in their private jets to wag their finger at all of us, who are seeing wages stagnate and the price of goods increase.

Hypocrites, all of them.

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