October Inflation Spikes 6.2% Driven by Energy and Food Price Increases

Inflation continues to rise as Americans have to pay more for gas and groceries. Leftist economists excuse it as a side effect of fighting for social and climate justice.


Inflation jumped to a 30-year high in October, with consumer prices rising 6.2% compared to last October.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

*Vox’s interview was classic apologia for leftist thinking and modern monetary theory: That government spending (which they don’t even consider could have been a primary driver for inflation) via increased social programs and climate change agenda, is the way out of the current economic mess. The interviewee even admits that if inflation were to stay above 2%, it’s worth it as long BBB is passed. She offers a near verbatim threat of “so you’re against kids?” argument.

**Machin understands what an economist doesn’t: Massive and sudden increases in government spending contributed to inflation, and it won’t solve it.

The flaccid response from elites like this economist and institutions we’re supposed to trust shows how they have no real understanding or concern of the trials and tribulations of the folks in flyover country. Just days ago, journalists mocked a large foster family for buying more than a few gallons of milk per week. More and more, the elites in academia and journalism are disconnected from the reality of life for the vast majority of Americans.

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