Taliban Knocking on Kabul’s Door, US Scrambles to Evacuate Personnel

The Biden administration is scrambling to evacuate Americans from the embassy. Comparisons to the fall of Saigon are everywhere.


The Taliban’s swift marches through Afghanistan have already gotten them to the capital city of Kabul, where they seek “unconditional surrender of the central government.”


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  • The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board argued for the impossible: President Biden conducting a 180 on his Afghanistan policy by increasing troop presence to a level that keeps Bagram air base secure while the United States conducts air support for the Afghan army. 
  • Former national security official for the Trump administration and Fox News contributor K.T. MacFarland argued at FoxNews.com that Afghanistan was always difficult terrain geopolitically, that the Taliban “were always going to prevail” and Biden’s folly is believing a core group of American diplomats are enough to prevent the Taliban from ravaging the capital. 
  • Newsmax highlighted former President Trump’s criticism of Biden we, saying “Joe Biden gets it wrong every time on foreign policy.”

Author’s Take

Perhaps this was the inevitable conclusion of our two decades in Afghanistan, and there never was a scenario to “win.” That does not make it any less depressing or sad.

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