Senate Votes Down Dems’ Election Reform Bill

The For the People Act was not expected to pass the evenly divided Senate. Many outlets expressed shock while both sides toed predictable party lines.


One of Congressional Democrats top legislative priorities was stopped in its tracks by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans Tuesday evening.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Huffington Post declared it a leading question for Senate Democrats: Do they ditch the filibuster to pass paradigm-shifting bills or “protect the filibuster over the right to vote in states run by Republicans.” 
  • CNN reported that with the vote killing the For the People Act, Democrats have to pin their hopes on fundamentally altering how elections are administered with the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. 
  • The Washington Post flourished with pro-Democrat rhetoric, saying the bill would “revamp the architecture of American democracy”, and that’s just the first sentence of the article. They further cast the legislative fight as an effort to stave off “the dire state of American democracy.” 
  • Before the vote happened, Vox acknowledged the reality that even if the filibuster could have been defeated on the procedural vote, without the support of Manchin and Sinema, the bill was going nowhere fast.



Author’s Take

The result of the Senate vote was known for days, yet the mainstream media grasped for straws in their attempt to inject the drama needed for a drawn-out bid for ratings.

Publications on the left are wringing their hands, screaming in the wind about how racist the filibuster, but they have lost all credibility: they refuse to acknowledge the fact that Senate Democrats used the filibuster 327 times in 2020 alone.

One interesting wrinkle: publications on the more philosophically extreme ends of the spectrum, Vox and Hot Air, had the most pragmatic takes on the situation.

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