Biden-Putin Summit: No Breakthroughs, Plenty of Yelling at Reporters

Biden and Putin conducted frank conversation, while the mainstream media praised his efforts. Sadly, Biden’s lashing out at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins barely registered coverage.


President Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday in a bilateral meeting also attended by key aides, with the “appropriately low” bar having been met by Biden according to one foreign policy expert.


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  • Sean Hannity interviewed former President Trump who criticized Biden for caving to Putin and argued Biden’s approval of a Russian pipeline to Germany while canceling Keystone XL was detrimental to the United States. 
  • OAN highlighted criticism of Biden and the summit from Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty who said Biden’s low bar meant Putin “doesn’t have to concede anything.” 
  • RedState focused on Biden’s verbal assault on a reporter and the media bending over backwards to praise the president for apologizing and effectively saying “Biden got mad but orange man bad.”

Author’s Take

That every network and newspaper is not calling out President Biden for his behavior is outrageous but hardly surprising. I think we all know exactly what would dominate the headlines if it was Trump who had berated that reporter. In fact, we don’t have to imagine, it’s right here. This is isn’t “whataboutism”, this is about the media’s willing complicity to defend Biden at every turn. The fourth estate continues to beclown itself with its increasingly partisan coverage.

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