Social Media Bans Banned: Florida Signs anti-Deplatforming Bill into Law

Florida’s new law gives citizens the power to sue social media companies for discriminatory content moderation. Tech giants are feeling the heat in India and elsewhere.


Social media bans for politicians are now illegal in Florida after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law that prevents “big tech oligarchs” from removing candidates from online platforms.


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Author’s Take

The question is where does a private corporation end and the public square begin. Conservatives are right in arguing Silicon Valley and social media giants enforce content moderation policies unevenly and in a way that targets conservative viewpoints are correct. We have seen it dozens of times. Ultimately, however, Facebook, Twitter, and others are still private companies.

On the other hand, when liberals say conservatives can simply “make their own” service, how exactly does that work? They did make their own social media platform, then Parler was taken off Apple’s app store (it has since returned after being coerced into changing their content moderation policy) and Amazon Web Services booted it from their servers. Theoretically you could create your own server, but what happens if liberal activists target and protest a conservative social media company’s internet service provider, or hashtag activism pushes other ISPs to block access?

Conservative or liberal, should it not concern you that the power to shape narratives, silence individuals, drive traffic and news coverage lies in the hands of literally less than a half-dozen companies?

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