Middle East Ablaze – Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Renewed

Violence between Israel and Palestinian militants is worsening. American coverage of the conflict is all about America.


The Israeli military and Palestinian militants continue to trade rocket attacks and violence as accusations fly and outside observers are urging for calm and a cessation of violence.


reporting from the left side of the aisle



  • The Jerusalem Post interviewed an academic and Middle East policy expert who said the Biden administration’s reversals of some Trump-era policies bear a little bit of responsibility for the most recent conflagration between Israel and Palestinian terrorists.
  • RedState directed its ire at David Frum, writer for The Atlantic, who took to Twitter and snidely blamed President Trump and Jared Kushner (who negotiated legitimately historic agreements between Israel and several former antagonists) for the recent violence, while explaining to Frum that none of these peace deals involved the Palestinian people or its corrupt leadership.
  • Newsmax highlighted the bipartisan criticism Biden is facing over his administration’s approach to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, noting statements from Republican politicians blasting him for not being sufficiently supportive of Israel and “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib saying the United States is abetting Israel in “human rights violations.”

Author’s Take

As highlighted by John Podhoretz of Commentary Magazine and its podcast, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas recently canceled elections. Podhoretz claims this is because Abbas would likely have lost to Hamas and the recent violence is a smokescreen to avoid outrage over the canceled elections.

Podhoretz’s comments highlight an oft-overlooked aspect to American coverage of international news: making it all about America. The right is blaming Biden, the left is blaming Trump, but there are unreported (or underreported) local aspects that have far more influence and responsibility in current events that have nothing to do with American politics.

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