Cheney vs Trump: War of Words Intensifies

Despite apparently risking her spot in House GOP leadership, Rep Liz Cheney is not holding back in her criticism of former President Trump. Outlets on the Left lauded her while right-leaning media generally sided with Trump.


House Republican Conference Chair and Congresswoman Liz Cheney, the number 3 Republican in the House, has continued to draw the ire of former president Donald Trump months after her vote to impeach him following the Jan. 6thattack on the Capitol.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • In reporting the acrimony, Slate highlights that Cheney has been more vocal in her antagonism of Trump since a winning February vote of no confidence among her GOP colleagues, and noting “the tide is turning against” her, signaling she’ll likely continue to serve in the House despite losing her leadership position.
  • Like Slate, CNN framed their reporting by surreptitiously painted Cheney as a hero standing up to Trump and her Trump-allied colleagues in the House, focusing on her remarks accusing Trump of being responsible for the Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol.
  • NBC News viewed the story from a much different angle, highlighting how the fight between Cheney and Trump has frustrated the efforts of Minority Leader McCarthy to focus exclusively on Biden, Pelosi, and taking back the House in 2022 (Author’s Take – If you’re in minority leadership, retaking the majority should be the only thing you’re discussing publicly).


Author’s Take

If you’re serving in the minority leadership, regardless of party affiliation, retaking the majority should be the only topic you’re discussing publicly. But talk of “party unity” and fractures among political coalitions are nothing new or extraordinary. News outlets will play them up for both commercial and ideological reasons. The right will celebrate cleavages between Democratic House leadership and the squad if it fits an agenda, and the left will gleefully hail anyone criticizing former President Trump if it means politically damaging Republicans.

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