Oscars Get Political Again

The Academy Awards celebrated their most diverse nominees and winners last night. Celebrities took the stage to present and accept awards, as well as to highlight social and political causes.


Politics and race featured heavily during last night’s Academy Awards (because, of course they did), which opened with African American actress Regina King saying she would “have traded in my heels for marching boots” had former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin not been found guilty of killing George Floyd (King must have been listening to Rep Maxine Waters).

  • While the best picture nominees all focused on a political or social ill, they were not necessarily the best movies, with Politico highlighting technical and story-telling deficiencies for many of the nominees.
  • Diversity generally was the theme of the award winners, as Chloé Zhao won best director for “Nomadland”, a film about retirement-age Americans living a Bedouin-like life on the road which also won best picture.
  • Striking a different tone than most other winners and presenters, Tyer Perry, who won the humanitarian award, urged attendees and viewers to “refuse hate” and encouraged people to find common ground, saying “that’s where change happens – it happens in the middle.”
  • Axios concluded the ceremony, which eschewed video-conferenced acceptance speeches in favor of more traditional programming was “boring, but historically significant” given the diversity of the winners.


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