Russia Sends More Troops to Border with Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is upping pressure on Ukraine, sending thousands of Russian soldiers to its border. Some believe it is a ploy to win upcoming parliamentary elections while others believe it was in response to remarks Biden made about the Russian president.


The temperature of the Ukraine-Russia conflict has risen slightly as Russian troops have begun “massing” at the border between the two nations.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • On the right, OANN and Newsmax ran wire reports on the situation between Ukraine and Russia.
  • Conservative blog RedState framed several international situations, including Russia’s bullying of Ukraine, as the result of Biden’s lack of action, though somewhat graciously characterizing it as Biden “getting credited with Obama’s fecklessness” as a remnant of his time as Vice President.
  • The Wall Street Journal also characterized the same situations as a “power test” for President Biden, though it said China’s naval buildup near the Philippines is the greater threat to U.S. interests.
  • Fox News reported the recent addition of 28,000 Russian troops on its border with Ukraine was because Putin’s feelings were hurt when President Biden called him a “killer” in a TV interview.

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