I Didn’t Know It Was Missing: Biden Tells World “America is Back”

Trying to “turn the page” from the Trump era, President Biden addressed world leaders, saying “America is back.” While most of the media approved of the speech, a few voices on the right called out the media for their selective memory.


President Joe Biden addressed the Munich Security Conference Friday via video conference, in an attempt repair what he called a “strained” relationship with Europe.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • Fox News interviewed a former Trump official who offered a generally positive analysis of the speech, saying the Biden administration should “capitalize on a honeymoon period” to secure European agreement on certain policies.
  • Before the speech, Wall Street Journal’s Walter Russell Mead wrote despite Biden’s campaign promises of global reengagement, not everyone in the world is paying attention or satisfied with the shifts in American foreign policy.
  • While not addressing Biden’s speech, Townhall.com gave CNN’s Jake Tapper a flogging for his tweets about China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims, criticizing Tapper for failing to acknowledge the Trump administration’s hard stances on China while President Biden’s word-salad answer to a question about Chinese treatment of Uighurs excused the Chinese government’s actions as “different norms” culturally.


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