Parler is Back…Sort Of

After being removed from app stores and hosting services, Parler has found a new home. Mainstream news outlets are making every effort to connect Parler to its new host’s other controversial customers.


Parler is back, sort of. After losing access to app stores and Amazon hosting, Parler went dark. The controversial social media platform has revived their website.

  • While the website is back up, the social platform has yet to be resurrected, with a few short messages from Parler’s CEO John Matze on the home page.
  • Internet records suggest Parler is working with DDos-Guard, a Russian company, which critics of Parler say is a security risk.
  • The domain itself appears to be purchased through Epik, a company that registers domains for other controversial sites.
  • In an interview with Fox News, Matze said he expects Parler to be fully returned by the end of January.


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