Massive Hack Blamed on Russians, Government and Private Networks Breached

U.S. officials are blaming Russia for hacking a multitude of government computer networks. Experts fear it could take years to assess the damage.


The shocking report earlier this week that several federal agency networks were hacked was followed up by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying on Friday Russia was likely behind the cyber-attack.


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  • The Wall Street Journal included sentiments from officials saying the official response has been “slow and disjointed” because the attack was uncovered “during the presidential transition.”
  • The New York Post took a similarly dark tone, quoting cyber expert Bruce Schneier, saying the only way to guarantee affected networks are safe again is “to burn it down to the ground and rebuild it.”
  • Fox News’ reporting centered on the media absence of Christopher Krebs, the since-fired head of CISA, saying he was a hot commodity in competing outlets when he was discussing his disagreement with President Trump on election fraud.

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