Michigan Election Update: Lawsuits from Both Sides as Certification is Delayed

What is going on in Michigan?


A group of Michigan voters sued the Trump campaign for voter suppression this week. Meanwhile, Michigan election officials have waffled on whether or not to certify Joe Biden as the winner of the election.

  • Trump’s campaign team has continued to question and refute election outcomes in key battleground states including Michigan.
  • This week, after a meeting with representatives from the Trump campaign, the Michigan Board of Canvassers failed to certify the election in favor of Joe Biden, asking for more time.
  • Previously, the board had voted to certify all votes except for those cast in Wayne County, which trended towards Biden.
  • In response to their decision, President Trump tweeted, “courage is a beautiful thing.”
  • Meanwhile, his affiliates including Rudy Giuliani claim that the election has not yet been decided, and thousands of fraudulent votes have been uncovered.
  • The Michigan Welfare Rights Organization filed a lawsuit yesterday alleging that Trump and his legal team’s repeated attempts to undermine the election have disenfranchised black voters.
  • The lawsuit alleges that by asking for recounts and delaying certification in swing states, Trump is trying to undermine the integrity of the election.
  • In Michigan, legal experts including an electoral law specialist advised the Board of Canvassers to certify the election in favor of Biden, arguing that the Board’s count is over 99% accurate.
  • The Board insists that it intends to follow the law in certifying the election, and that Trump has not tried to sway their decision.
  • Trump continues to insist that voter fraud in Michigan will be uncovered soon.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Expresses outrage at the entire Wayne County debate. An opinion piece for the Detroit Free Press writes that Wayne County voters’ ballots deserve to be counted because they “showed up to protect democracy.” Mother Jones says that Trump is trying to steal the election, and Vox says that “shenanigans are afoot”.
  • Agrees that Michigan has disenfranchised Black voters. The New York Times Opinion says that Trump will “fail” Michigan by disenfranchising voters, and Politico says that the legal challenges presented by Trump’s campaign likely violated the voting rights of many Michiganders.
  • Insinuates that the Trump campaign is influencing or manipulating the Michigan Board of Canvassers. CBS says that Trump officials are “pressuring” the board to walk back their certification of the election, and HuffPost says that his campaign has spread disinformation. CNBC and Vanity Fair report that several lawmakers met with Trump before deciding whether or not to certify the election.



  • Writes about harassment experienced by members of the Board of Canvassers. Daily Wire reports on an election official who was doxxed by Biden supporters because of her role in delaying certification of the election, and Daily Wire says that Michigan board members were misled.
  • Defends the Trump campaign. National Review says that the Trump campaign withdrew its lawsuits for good reason, and Fox News gives credence to election officials who have delayed certification of the vote.
  • Blasts Democrats who try to intervene. Breitbart mocks the Michigan Secretary of State who said that the Board of Canvassers has no right to rescind their certification. New York Post says that the lawsuit filed by the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization is explicitly anti-Trump.


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