Apple Unveils New Computers Powered by Apple-designed Processors

Breaking from its use of Intel processors, Apple unveiled Mac products powered by “revolutionary” new hardware. What are the experts saying?


Apple unveiled its latest generation of Mac computers Tuesday with three new offerings: Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and the Mac Mini – all powered by Apple’s new proprietary Central processing unit (CPU) called the M1.

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  • CNN relies on analysts’ opinions that the in-house design will “give Apple more control over updates and user experience”.
  •’s tech writer Patrick Lucas Austin calls the lack of a major design refresh “a bit of a bummer”, noting memory and webcam shortfalls in the new machines.



  • Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern, who has had a complicated relationship with Apple’s hardware innovations, bemoaned the technical jargon used to sell the new computers that she alleges does not factor into the average consumer’s purchasing decisions.
  • Daily Mail quotes Wayne Lam with CCS Insight praising the new M1 chips: “Offering three products across different types of Mac compute products Apple is clearly demonstrating the M1’s design versatility.”


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