US Has Worst and Second-Worst Daily COVID Numbers

What epidemiologists are calling the “third wave” of coronavirus infections is hitting the United States. How is each state reacting and how is affecting the presidential election?


The United States just hit its two highest daily new cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, with at least 83,000 new cases two days in a row. Thirteen states reported record numbers of hospitalizations on Friday according to CNBC.


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  • The Wall Street Journal criticized efforts to paint China’s recovery, as well as the methods and metrics used to determine said recovery, as positive or worthy of envy.
  • At his rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin, President Trump said infection rates were “overblown”, and referenced declining death rates, saying “I had it, here I am.”
  • The New York Post called out CNN host and frequent critic of President Trump Chris Cuomo for neglecting New York’s own public health regulations.


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