Shots Allegedly Fired at China-India Border

Shots were allegedly fired at the China-India border. What happened?


The de facto border (officially called the “Line of Actual Control” or LAC), located high in the Himalayas, has been the subject of territorial dispute for decades. In June, a skirmish at the border left 20 Indian troops (and an unknown number of Chinese troops) dead, allegedly from wounds related to hand-to-hand combat, high altitude, and the sub-zero temperatures in the Galwan Valley. No shots were fired at that time, but the intense occupation of the LAC area has continued.

  • Last week, India and China publicly agreed to de-escalate tensions at the LAC.
  • Yesterday, China accused Indian soldiers of illegally crossing the LAC and firing “provocative warning shots” at patrolling troops. India has vehemently denied the claims and accused China of escalating violence.
  • Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi is expected in Moscow this week to discuss


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Focuses on the unprecedented nature of the violent escalation, reminding readers that this is the first time in many years (since 1975, to be exact) that shots have been fired on the border.
  • Hammers home the potential ramifications of escalating border tensions internationally.
  • Seems generally more sympathetic to India.



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Chinese Commentators:
  • Frame the entire debacle as a miscommunication, and insist that China wants peace despite being portrayed poorly by India and the international community at large.


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